Flower news

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dutch cymbidium season is getting into full swing with many cymbidiums and mini cymbidiums available in rich burgundies, golds, and browns.  

Amaryllis season is also upon us and the varieties get better with each year.  This year's mont blanc is the purest white we've seen in a few years.  Loyalty is an exquisite deep burgundy and a beautiful opener. Naranja has become a favorite deep orange and Desire is a wonderful peach variety.

 Dutch tulips are becoming quite plentiful now as we start seeing parrots in shades of oranges, peach, yellow and red.  The popular white fringe tulip Honeymoon is also now available.   

French product is coming on strong now with stunning tetra anemones, an assortment of colors and sizes in ranunculus and tulips.  

 We are very excited to announce that Japanese sweet pea season has also begun!!  The sweet pea from Japan are unrivaled in their beauty, size, fragrance, vase life and color selection.  These sweet peas are truly swoon inducing.

This time of year brings a variety of interesting berries and baubles full of texture and color.  We will be getting ilex in red, orange, and yellow.  Rosehips in red and orange.  Toyan tips, privet berries, pepper berry, redwood tips, seeded euc, brunia, and berzillia are all abundant now.